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Hi, I'm Elana!

I'm a software developer, musician, and educator based in NYC.

✨ About ✨

I'm currently working as a software engineer at an edtech company called Renaissance Learning.

Before that, I was an instructor for Girls Who Code's Summer Immersion Program. I graduated from Fordham University, where I studied computer science and music. In the past, I've done on-campus developer evangelism with Microsoft and Clarifai and assisted with research at the NYU Music and Audio Research Lab.

In my free time, I enjoy playing classical piano and doing improv.

✨ Projects ✨


Web app that uses image recognition and web scraping to find literary quotes related to images. Built with Flask (Python) and the Clarifai API. Live demo here.

screenshot of Quotifai landing page


Command-line program that produces chords commonly found in 19th century classical music. Built with Python.

screenshot of chords generated by Chordinate

CSS Drawings

View on CodePen.

screenshot of a Burt's Bees lip balm made in CSS

✨ Contact ✨

Feel free to email me at elanatee (at) gmail.com! You can also find me on GitHub, Twitter, and Medium.